Support For Families And Friends Who Have Lost A Loved One Through Drug or Alcohol Addiction

The death of a loved one through drug or alcohol addiction can have a devastating impact on the lives of families and friends. The Bristol and SW Bereavement through Addiction Group is working to raise awareness of the problems people are facing and to set up services to help alleviate their suffering.  

Grief is always difficult to come to terms with and we can often feel we are facing it alone.

Due to their addiction we may have had a difficult relationship with our loved one while they were alive.

Their life may not have been a happy one which may make it difficult to look at photographs and remember some good times.

There may be feelings of acute guilt that somehow we could or should have done things differently to make their life more bearable, or even that it was perhaps our fault that it happened.

There may have been mental health problems and our loved one's behaviour may have caused a huge disruption within the family unit.

Some of us will have been estranged from our loved one at the time of their death.

We may have felt abandoned by the professional services and that more could have been done to prevent this tragedy from happening.


Joan and Paul who founded the Bereavement through Addiction Group are raising awareness by giving presentations of their story, (available to read on the 'Personal Stories' page). They are gathering and researching information. They also facilitate support groups and provide other services for people bereaved through addiction.

The support group we offer aims to help people bereaved through addiction to make sense of their own personal grief process in a supportive, confidential and safe environment.

Our objectives are to

Provide education and information
Develop understanding of the grief process
To identify what helps
To deal with stigma
To improve quality of life


Our new Annual report for 2014/15 is now available:


Local services we are working with are The Bristol Drugs Project and A.R.A.

 We are linked to Cruse, The Compassionate Friends and The Bristol Bereavement Forum

Telephone Helpline: 07584 411 314
Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm
Answerphone at all other times